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Welcome to Princess Diana Remembered
The site with everything you wanted to know about Princess Diana
We will be doing our best to help you Celebrate Diana's memory in this 10th Anniversary year.

We have just added some new pages with video clips called "People's Memories of Diana "
So that you can join us in remembering Diana this year on 10th anniversary of her passing

We're also adding some new pages on The Concert for Diana so you can re live the day

We've added new pages about the tv shows being aired about Diana this summer
PLUS we've got all the latest new 10th anniversary books and magazine releases

We will be bringing you all the latest news about Diana from the newspapers and the net
and bringing you up to date news on any new 10th Anniversary Commemoratives.

Our site has lots of different pages about Diana
There's paper dolls, colouring books, galleries, video clips, and a rare comic strip about Diana.

Masterclean will ensure the grounds are kept to a high level of cleanliness, making sure the site is free from litter on a weekly detail of 2 members of staff. If you find something that needs attention please call us on 0800 458 0938 or visit.

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